Unit Election Request

Please use the following form to request a unit election if the troop you are paired with does not have an election team that is able to preform your election. You will receive your final date several days after submitting this form. If you have not received your date one week after your request, you can use this form to let us know.


You can view the below video if you need assistance completing the form. Show/Hide Help Video

From: [your-name] [your-email]
[position] of [UnitType] [UnitNum] [UnitDesignator]


Meeting Location:

Meeting Day/Time: [meeting-day-time]

Date 1: [e-date-1]
Date 2: [e-date-2]
Date 3: [e-date-3]

Special information:


You can view all pending election requests by visiting the Election Dashboard and logging in with your dev64.nslodge.org account. Elections are removed from the request list on the dashboard when they show up on the calendar or when an election report is filed for the troop.

Schedule the election by doing the following:

-Add ALL of the relevant information (including troop number, meeting location, and time) to the UE Google Calendar (log in with your @nslodge.org email address and password, if available; otherwise use uecalendar@nslodge.org with password uecal7524).
-Make the title of the event "Troop Number - Chapter X" (for example, "Troop 999 G - Chapter 5" [without quotes]). Please use G or B after the troop number to indicate if it's a Boy or Girl unit.
-Make sure the election location is in the description of the event, and set the start time to the proper start time of the election (end time doesn't matter).

-After completing that step, use this form to auto-send the necessary information to the person who requested the election.

Let me know (at recordkeeper@nslodge.org) if you have any issues with this system!