Frequently Asked Questions

This page lists some questions you may have regarding the unit election system. Please feel free to contact us (click here) if you have a question that is not answered by this page.

I already scheduled an election with my chapter. Do I need to schedule again using this system?

If you previously scheduled an election, it will appear on our calendar very soon. If it does not appear there within two weeks of your election, please let us know (click here).

I receive an error when I try to submit one of the forms. What can I do?

The answer will vary depending on the form you’re using and the specific error you are receiving. If your error says “Validation errors occurred,” you likely filled out a field incorrectly (for example, email addresses must be valid or the form will not submit). Scroll up and see where the system says you filled out a field incorrectly. If you receive an error that simply says “An error has occurred,” reload the page and try to submit it one more time. If it still does not go through, please use this form (click here) to contact us, and tell us both which form you were trying to submit and what error code you received.

I need to reschedule my election. What do I need to do?

To reschedule an election, submit the request form (click here) again, but put in the special instructions field that you are rescheduling, what your original date was, and give a reason for why you are rescheduling.

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