The future of the OA is in your hands!

If you are a youth (Under 21) and you have ever wondered what you can do to help Serve your fellow brothers I invite you to run for a Officer Position in our Lodge, even if you’re still an ordeal member! As a Officer you are responsible for a key element in our Lodge either as the Vice Chief of Administration, Vice Chief of Program, Vice Chief of Service, Vice Chief of Inductions, Lodge Secretary, or as Lodge Treasurer. There is also the Position of Lodge Chief which oversees everything done in the lodge. Over the next week I will highlight every position and their basic duties on our Facebook page at and right here on the lodge website. If you are interested I invite you to email Jacob Bakker, or Ed Mealoy and ask us about the process this year. The Officer Petition that has to be filled out can be found at . Serving on the Executive Committee is a opportunity I think every Arrowman should try!!! Please have these petitions filled out as soon as possible and please feel free to ask questions about the duties to get more of a handle on the job. I ask everyone consider running for a position to help serve our lodge that has made a difference on so many young scouts lives.

Leadership Positions Flyer (PDF)

Jacob Bakker
Lodge Chief

Author: lodgechief