Lodge Chief

A Youth (20 years old or younger during his entire term of office) elected from the youth membership of the lodge.

  1. Is responsible to the Scout Executive through the lodge adviser and staff adviser for performance duties. Becomes a member of the council camping or Boy Scout Committee
  2. Is responsible for adherence to the program and policies of the lodge. Attends appropriate council, section, regional, and national OA functions.
  3. Serve as chairman and preside over all Executive Committee meetings, general Lodge meetings, and other Lodge meetings designated by the Lodge and Staff Advisers.
  4. With the aid of the Secretary, prepare agendas in advance of all meetings pertaining to the above.
  5. Appoint Lodge committees along with their chairmen with the approval of the Lodge and Staff Advisers.
  6. With the aid of the Lodge Advisers, Staff Adviser, and Lodge officers, plan and conduct all Lodge functions.
  7. With the Lodge and Staff Advisers, call all Lodge Executive Committee meetings.
  8. Make minor decisions that may arise in the day-to-day operation of the Lodge.
  9. Work with the Lodge & Staff Advisers to determine the Lodge goals for the year and see that they are met.
  10. Create temporary lodge operating committees as the need arises.
  11. Represent the Lodge at all Section, Regional, and National events.
  12. Attend all Council Meetings and serve on the Council Committee.
  13. With the approval of the Scout Executive, make any necessary changes in the “Standard Local Council Rules” in order to keep it up to date with current National and Lodge policies.


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