Arrowman of the Year Nominations

Arrowman of the Year and Honor Arrowman

2020 Nomination Form

Nataepu Shohpe Lodge has the honor and privilege of selecting one youth and one adult as Arrowman of the Year. In addition to Arrowman of the Year, the lodge also selects other worthy Arrowmen to receive the Honor Arrowman award. These awards are given as an opportunity for the lodge to recognize those Arrowmen who, for the last year, have been active in the lodge and or chapter.

This award is in no way a replacement of or a prerequisite for the Vigil Honor, which is the highest honor a lodge can bestow on a lodge member. This award is meant to recognize and thank Arrowmen for their dedication to the lodge over the past year. Forms must be submitted by Wednesday, January 1, 2020.

Your submissions should be based on the following:

  • Has displayed a high level of commitment to the Order of the Arrow during the year.
  • Has lived up to the OA obligation as well as the Boy Scout Oath and Law.
  • Has participated in Lodge/Chapter activities to a great degree.
  • Is a member in good standing (dues paid) of Nataepu Shohpe Lodge and the BSA.
  • Provided a positive example of leadership and the willingness of going the extra mile.

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Feel free to leave any of the below questions blank if you are unable to answer them.

How does this individual set a good example for the Scouting movement?

Name one way this individual gives service to his/her unit.

Give a short history of this individual’s involvement in the Order of the Arrow.

List positions held by this individual in his/her unit, the lodge, chapter, district, or council.

Explain why you feel this individual deserves this award.

Forms must be submitted by Wednesday, January 1, 2020.