2020 Dues and Annual Pass

The Annual Pass for 2020 is now available! And if you haven’t already paid your 2020 dues, you’re almost out of time to renew without a gap in your membership.

Dues cover the 2020 calendar year and are $15 and are due by January 1, 2020.

This year’s Annual Pass is $70 and includes all of the following:

  • 2020 Dues ($15 by itself)
  • A special commemorative patch to brag that you’re a 2019 annual pass holder (new design pending)
  • 2020 Winter Banquet ($25)
  • 2020 Leadership Development Day North ($5)
  • 2020 Leadership Development Day South ($5)
  • 2020 Spring Conclave ($20)
  • 2020 Witahemui Weekend ($5)
  • 2020 Fall Conclave ($20)

So that’s $15+$25+$5+$5+$5+$20+$20 = $95 value, for the price of $70. You save $25 on the price of attending all of these events, plus you get a patch!

To check if you’ve already paid your dues or not, put your BSA member ID into the box in the sidebar and click ‘Go’. If you haven’t paid yet, it’ll give you a link to pay (where you can also buy an annual pass if you want one).

If you already paid your 2020 dues but didn’t get an annual pass and now want one, you can do that for $55 as an Annual Pass Upgrade. ( <– Click there)

Author: David Miller